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Battery Powered Window Control

Controlling your ventilation needs by remote control is the convenient and safe way to ventilate, aerate and secure your home or office.

Battery & Solar Powered Window Control by Pratley & Partners

Remote Window Control Solutions

The difficult to access awning, casement or roof window is now within easy reach, simply opened and closed at the touch of a button. Eliminating the need for climbing aids, like stools or ladders, creates a safe and convenient way to ventilate, ensuring everyone can enjoy a healthy indoor climate without compromise.

Wireless battery installation eliminates the need for unsightly cables. The window control system can be powered by universal batteries, providing sufficient power for many years. For those applications where wiring is not an issue, the window controls; opener and closer, can be connected directly to the mains. As well as being highly functional, the system has been designed to look stylish with three different finishes to choose from.

Each remote window winder control can be programmed for your individual needs. You may choose to employ one remote control to open and close a group of different windows or, alternatively, choose to operate a single window with up to eight individual remote control units. Where a more permanent opening position is required, for example in a public area or sports hall, you can replace the remote control with a wall mounted unit.

With over 4 billion codes, the highest level of security is assured. The superior closing system provides a pulling force exceeding 400N, ensuring the window is pulled tightly into the draught rubbers. This creates a secure, windproof and waterproof closure of the window all at the touch of a button.

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Service & Maintenance by Pratley & Partners

Window Controls Maintenance

In addition to the supply and installation of a range of manual window control products and natural and smoke ventilation systems, our highly experienced team can also undertake planned maintenance and responsive repairs to ensure the continued security and safety of your premises.

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