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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Your traditional, ESPAG or Casement windows could well be posing a danger to your health, your valuables and your property. Here are four staggering stats that may make you re-think the need for a smarter, more secure way of opening and closing your windows.

The inside of your home is two to five times more toxic than the outdoors

Research undertaken by the EPA has found that chemicals, mould, radon (a noxious gas that rises from the soil) and household products are resulting in a more polluted environment inside, as compared to outside. The solution is simple – proper ventilation. Whilst new build proprieties have this built in as standard, traditional homes demand that the home owner regularly opens up their windows (even during the coldest of winter seasons).

30% of burglaries are down to open or unlocked windows or doors

Safe Guard the World report that nearly a third of all burglaries are down to unlocked windows or doors - left open either through forgetfulness or carelessness. Notably, burglars that are slight of build can easily fit through the narrow windows that run across the top of the large panes (so that slim window in your home, that’s awkwardly up on high – you really should shut it when out of the house).

A four-person household creates 112 pints of moisture a week

According to envirovent, the typical property that’s home to four people results in a shocking 448 pints of moisture per month.

Even scarier, is the fact that 1 in 5 properties suffer from condensation, which can swiftly lead on to mould issues (which is accompanied with a whole host of potential respiratory problems).

Windows (and the very serious risk they pose)

ROSPA say that each year, 4,000 children under the age of 15 are injured falling from windows, while 52 people were killed in 2011 from falling from a chair (presumably with many using a chair in placement of a stool), according to ONS.

Pratley & Partners Remote

The Pratley & Partners Remote is the smartest and most secure solution for your windows – providing ventilation at the literal click of a button.

Access high windows free from the need of dare devil, neck-breaking stunts – no wobbly furniture to stand on, no more make-shift stools. Look forward to aeration and ventilation that meets the tough Building Decree standards and robust security for protecting your home. And when we say robust, we mean a closure that has a pulling force of at least 400 N (which, for those not too skilled at physics, is seriously strong).

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