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Is Your Office Ready For Summer

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Summer is well and truly getting started, and as an employer it is important for you to ensure that a comfortable atmosphere is provided in order to allow workers to perform their jobs at their best. The laws around temperature control in UK workplaces is fairly vague, and it is generally left as the responsibility of each employer to ascertain what “reasonable temperatures” are in their particular circumstances.

Reasonable Working Temperatures

When it comes to the lower range, temperatures of at least 16 degrees Celsius are recommended for comfort, or as low as 13 degrees if strenuous physical efforts are undertaken as part of the role. These numbers are recommendations as opposed to set-in-stone legal regulations, and it is down to the employer to determine what is required in workspaces they have control of. Similarly there are no legal requirements at the higher end of the temperature spectrum. As the business owner, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations require you to perform risk assessments of potential hazards, and provide measures to resolve them where appropriate. Temperatures in the workplace are a part of this, and employers should consult with employees or representatives to establish sensible ways to manage the working environment.

Avoid High Temperatures In The Workplace

So, there is a fair amount of autonomy when it comes to deciding on and maintaining reasonable working temperatures, and with this in mind, many businesses small and large have a policy in place whereby employees are sent home from work when temperatures reach a certain level in the office or workspace. Of course this can be a real drain on productivity, and whether or not summer is a busy period for your business, it is not really feasible to keep sending everyone home during the peak of the season. Much preferably, it is advised that you try to ensure that these levels are not reached, so that everyone can remain at their desks, working in comfort.

Effective Window And Ventilation Solutions

This is why having an effective ventilation strategy in place in your business premises is very important; with a proper natural ventilation system and electric or manual window actuators that are easily controlled, you can hope to avoid reaching those uncomfortably high temperatures in the office, studio or workroom which require an early end to the day. Electric window openers are a fantastic option for hard to reach windows, ensuring that even high up or awkwardly placed windows can be effectively managed. For the best results, natural ventilation is recommended; this involves a system of windows and vents being opened and closed in a manner which allows through a fresh flow of air, as well as expelling stale air and reducing excess heat. If you’d like to discuss installing a top quality natural ventilation system in your business, get in touch with Pratley & Partners; based in Essex, we have established ourselves as a market leader in the ventilation and window control industry. We are the preferred partners for many window fabricators, and can help install the perfect solution for your business.

Ventilation: Stay Cool And Increase Employee Productivity

Ventilation will help you to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Regulations; what’s more, with improved air quality and reduced temperatures in the summertime your team should prove a lot more productive. Research has shown many times that temperature has a large impact on how employees feel about their workday and how much work they manage to complete. Workers are also less likely to take extended lunch breaks and leave earlier than usual if the conditions are reasonable. Ensuring your workers have a safe and comfortable working environment goes a long way towards increasing productivity and overall satisfaction at work.

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