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Ventilation FAQs

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Ventilation within a commercial building is essential, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for staff, visitors and business service people. Asthma and allergies are more prevalent during summer months owing to higher pollen levels, and a ventilation system purifies air quality creating an optimal environment for everyone in the premises.

Many older systems utilise mechanical ventilation using fans to improve the air quality of buildings. Now more natural methods are seen as both better, and less energy-intensive, meaning cheaper and more low-carbon.

What is Natural Ventilation?

This is an air circulation system using the natural tendency of cool air to sink and hot air to rise to provide a flow of fresh air through the building.

Modern buildings are designed to be well insulated to retain warmth, so to prevent rising Carbon Dioxide levels fresh air should be provided. Natural ventilation allows air to move naturally in a space and expert design will create openings that allow users to control the ventilation without the need to force this using energy-intensive mechanical systems like fans.

What is Hybrid Ventilation?

This method of ventilation combines mechanical and natural ventilation to ensure a good air flow through the space. Also called mixed-mode ventilation, the advantage of this method is that it provides fresh air where a natural system would not be sufficient. It has been found to minimise energy usage, while also ensuring that there is sufficient ventilation under a varied range of conditions.

Is Ventilation the Same as Air Conditioning?

No, it is not. They are both similar, in that they circulate air, but air conditioning also affects the temperature within the building. Of course it also uses more energy, and thus is more expensive than pure ventilation.

Can a Ventilation System Help with Asthma or Allergies?

Yes, modern ventilation systems can help with asthma and allergies as well as air pollution. As ventilation improves the quality of air and manages the temperature in your property, it helps to reduce mould, pollen and dust mites. Your staff will appreciate the clean environment, and working days lost to illness will likely be reduced.

Are Ventilation Systems Noisy?

Modern ventilation systems are designed to be quiet and unobtrusive. Various types are available for residential or commercial premises and our engineers will specify the right systems to ensure that any noise disturbance is minimal.

Does a Dehumidifier do the Same Job as a Ventilation System?

Both dehumidifiers and ventilation systems work similarly by upgrading the quality of the internal air. Both operate similar processes of reducing air pollution, mould, condensation and damp in a building, but a dehumidifier only is effective in one room. A ventilation system can provide an entire building with filtered air, rather than a single location.

Can I have a Custom System for my home or business?

Yes you can. Our expert engineers will inspect your premises and then create a report that will ensure that appropriate technologies are deployed to ensure a high standard of ventilation.

Speak to our expert engineers on 01277 633933, or send an email to, and receive an analysis of how an improved ventilation system can benefit your business or residence through better air quality.

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