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Natural Ventilation Systems

Whether you are a school, office building, residential property, health care centre or retail site, utilising natural ventilation systems is a leading way of cutting harmful emissions, reducing health issues and providing a healthy indoor climate for occupants.

Natural Ventilation by Pratley & Partners

Why choose Natural Ventilation?

A natural ventilation strategy involves the controlled opening and closing of windows and vents to produce a flow of fresh air, expel stale air and prevent excessive heat - all of which are essential to achieve a healthy environment for occupants of a building. A natural ventilation strategy is critical to reduce both commercial energy and carbon emissions and achieve a healthy and sustainable indoor environment.

At LJ Pratley & Partners, we offer an extensive portfolio of natural ventilation solutions from leading manufacturers including Ultraflex Control Systems (UCS), STG Beikirch, WindowMaster, Comunello and Topp.

Our solutions range from straight forward switch operation, controlled by the user, through to fully automated systems that can be either standalone or integrated with the building management system, using room sensors and weather stations to provide perfect naturally ventilated environments. These daily natural ventilation and night cooling systems can be designed, installed and maintained as a cost effective alternative to standard HVAC systems.

With our extensive range of the best modern technology available on the marketplace and our unique level of specialisation in bespoke window automation, we are confident of achieving the right solution for every project.

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At LJ Pratley & Partners, we are honoured to have worked in some of the UK's most prestigious venues and historical landmarks.

Service & Maintenance by Pratley & Partners

Ventilation Maintenance

In addition to the supply and installation of a range of manual window control products and natural and smoke ventilation systems, our highly experienced team can also undertake planned maintenance and responsive repairs to ensure the continued security and safety of your premises.

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