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To ensure the continued safety and security of your premises it is essential to ensure that window controls and natural and smoke ventilation systems are operating at optimum performance and in line with statutory requirements. The best way to achieve this is to conduct regular scheduled maintenance checks.

Whether you are a commercial enterprise or a private home owner, receiving the optimum return on investment for your window controls and natural or smoke ventilation systems, is a top priority. That’s why it is essential to have regular maintenance checks that keep systems in good working order and help preserve product life span.

6 months & annual services available

6 months & annual services available

Fully trained maintenance team

Fully trained maintenance team

Stocked Replacements

Stocked Replacements

Fully Trained Maintenance Team

At LJ Pratley & Partners we offer full service and maintenance contracts for manual window controls, natural ventilation, smoke ventilation and sliding sash controls.

Our highly experienced and fully trained maintenance team will use their knowledge and expertise to conduct standard routine checks as well as pre-empt potential problems and determine solutions for any immediate issues that are identified during the servicing process. Our team are also equipped with replacement products so that they can immediately carry out installations and ensures systems are back up and running with minimal disruption.

As we recognise that our customer’s needs and the level of maintenance they require differ depending on the type of building and systems they have in place, we offer flexible maintenance service contracts on both a six month and annual basis.

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At LJ Pratley & Partners, we are honoured to have worked in some of the UK's most prestigious venues and historical landmarks.

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We are a leading UK company in the field of sustainable and energy solutions. As specialists in window controls, natural ventilation and smoke ventilation systems, our goal is to help commercial enterprises and private homeowners create healthier and safer indoor environments.

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