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How to Improve Your Employees' Productivity by 8%

Friday, 7 July 2017


Enhanced air quality can improve the productivity of your employees by 8%. This was one of the main discussion points of the recent Workplace Trends conference, where delegates highlighted the connection between staff health and performance.

In order to maintain an ongoing and clean oxygen supply, a natural ventilation system is required. It involves the flow of external air into an indoor space via pressure differences from the outside, namely wind and buoyancy.

Without this system in place, your staff are liable to contamination and increasingly likely to suffer the consequences of sick building syndrome (SBS). Productivity will not only decrease due to lethargic conduct, but you’ll also lose more days through sick leave.

With a natural ventilation solution from LJ Pratley, your workplace will benefit greatly from the natural air flow that is proven to boost productivity. We have bespoke window mechanisms to suit all types of buildings and various budget requirements.

Workplace Trends Conference

The 15th annual meeting of the Workplace Trends conference this year focused on ‘wellbeing & productivity,’ where some of the world’s leading business minds gave a series of presentations.

One such talk came from Sarah Welton, vice-president of the International WELL Building Standard Institute. She referenced research by the World Green Building Council and Environmental Protection Agency that claims:

“Concentrations of some pollutant indicators can be two to five times higher indoors compared with outdoors.”

“We've forgotten that we primarily construct buildings to protect and support our health. Social and physical environment is the largest determinant of your health, more than genetics, medical care and lifestyle/health behaviour.”

This shows that, without the proper ventilation channels in place, poor air quality will soon gather – something that is key to your employees’ output within the working environment.

Business Boost

Boosting productivity by 8% may not sound too much now, but this will be extremely beneficial in the long-term. Natural ventilation systems should therefore be considered an investment as opposed to an expensive necessity.

This is because staff constantly breathing in recycled air will see an adverse impact on their health. The symptoms of SBS – such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, skin irritation and respiratory problems – will drastically reduce productivity.

Likewise, retaining hot oxygen particles will cause the office temperature to rise. During the summer months especially, any increased humidity will make staff feel tired and less likely to approach tasks with maximum enthusiasm.

Natural Ventilation Solution

To improve your employees’ productivity in the workplace, a natural ventilation system has many advantages over a mechanical counterpart. They’re far easier to install and maintain, as well as running on much lower energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

Advanced automated systems provide a superb solution for effective building ventilation. Their highly-sophisticated technology can recognise changing weather conditions or the presence of smoke and open/close as appropriate.

LJ Pratley can provide a bespoke natural ventilation strategy for your business premises, including battery and solar-powered window controls. For any further information on how we can help improve your employees’ productivity by up to 8%, please feel free to get in touch today.

You can contact us at or by calling 01277 633933.

Good ventilation systems are not just important for your employees and your business, it’s also part of employer law requirements. Find out what you, as an employer, are responsible for when it comes to your office ventilation.


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