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Electric Window Controls

Electric window openers (also known as electric window actuators ) are a very popular alternative to manual window openers. Electric openers provide a degree of sophistication as well as ease of use.

Smart Electric Actuators 

Electric actuators/openers can feature smart technology that enables them to automatically operate based on the climate or environmental conditions. Automatic electric openers can be linked to weather sensitive apparatus that detects rain and automatically close the window.

An automatic electric operator can be linked to a fire alarm to automatically open the window in the event that smoke is detected to allow the smoke to ventilate.

Full & Part Window Control Solutions

As well as full electric/automated window control solutions we can provide parts for existing systems such as electric window casement cranks or an electric window opener casement, plus much more to suit your specific requirements.

As leading electric window opener suppliers we supply our electronic window solutions for home and commercial applications across the UK.

Types of Electric Windows Covered

Our range of electric window operating solutions work across the full range of window types. These include automatic sliding window operators and electric chain window winders for windows located in skylights or within the roof structure.

There is an additional install cost with electric window controls over manual window controls, but the install costs are typically driven by the logistics of the task in hand.

Timers can be set to open and close the high level vents at pre-determined times of the day or night to open the ventilation flow of air to prevent stuffiness within the building.

A small electric motor (actuator) winds a cable, the cable is connected to a window (through a conduit) and either opens or closes the window depending on the direction of the switched current.

Electric window openers are controlled from a single switching point. Power turns a small electric motor which winds a cable connected to the high level vent (through a conduit) which either opens or shuts the window.

Contact our team on to discuss your requirements and we will recommend the electric window controls solution which is best suited to your needs and budget.

It depends on the size of the controls, the size and weight of the windows to be opened, and the number of windows which are to be opened. Call our team now for more information and arrange a survey of your property.

If you have windows located in a building or structure and they are not easily accessible, then you should seriously consider installing electric window controls.

If you have opening windows or vents which are located in a raised position and are not easily accessible, electric window controls enable easy operation form a single remote location which is more accessible.

Controlling ventilation form a single remote location within a building from a single switch is time efficient.

Typically the voltage of a window actuator (electric window controls) is 24V.

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In addition to the supply and installation of a range of manual window control products and natural and smoke ventilation systems, our highly experienced team can also undertake planned maintenance and responsive repairs to ensure the continued security and safety of your premises.

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