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Why Go Automated with Your Windows

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Automated windows operate with a locking drive or device known as an actuator. They allow windows to be operated automatically via a remote control switch, commonly used in schools, hospitals and office blocks.

Although used predominantly on commercial buildings, they can also be integrated into domestic properties if required. They’re particularly useful for elderly or disabled occupants, providing a fantastic boost to the home’s natural ventilation and energy performance.

How Do They Work?

Automated windows can be controlled in two ways, either via a simple remote control or through a fully automated system.

Most residential users will opt for the former option, making it easier to open windows on a day-to-day basis. A simple open/close switch allows the user to control each window from the comfort of an armchair or bed.

For more comprehensive control, automated mechanisms can be integrated with the building management system as a whole. This way, windows can be operated on a timer or programmed via sensors. These sensors can detect heavy rain, smoke and CO2 levels, opening or closing when required.

Advantages of Automated Windows

There are many benefits of integrating an actuator onto your windows, allowing them to be controlled automatically. Not only will they remove the hassle of opening and closing windows every day, but also offer fantastic ventilation benefits for the property. For larger buildings in particular, this can be very valuable.

Air Ventilation

Using natural draughts is the cost-effective way of cooling your home and enhancing air quality. There’s proven health benefits for the building occupants due to enhanced airflow – especially valuable in the case of medical centres and learning institutions.

By increasing the quality of air, you’re reducing the chance of condensation taking effect in the building. Condensation build up can lead to damp and mould setting in, a major cause of allergic reactions and respiratory problems.

Automated windows will also reduce your carbon footprint and lower heating bills due to the enhanced natural ventilation.

Smoke Ventilation

Some automated windows can be programmed to open instantly if smoke is detected, a highly effective feature that can save lives should a fire break out. Automated windows are designed to alleviate its effects during a blaze, especially as hot smoke will rise up and escape through the newly created opening.

For owners of non-domestic buildings, it’s your obligation to comply with smoke safety regulations. Installing automated windows go a long way in doing so, providing an escape route for the building occupants and also making it easier for the emergency services to enter.

Professional Installation

Before automating your windows, it’s advised you seek specialist advice from ventilation experts. A quality supplier will be able to offer bespoke actuators and locking drives for any type of window, both domestic and commercial.

Once installed, they’re guaranteed to increase the effectiveness of your air and smoke ventilation, as well as reducing utility bills.


For more information on the benefits of natural ventilation, read about what poor ventilation can do to you employees.

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