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Teleflex Window Controls

Suitable for commercial buildings, schools, libraries and private dwellings our Teleflex manual window controls enable you to control high level or difficult to reach windows in a safe and secure way.

The Benefits of Teleflex Controls

A Teleflex window opener provides a manual winding solution for opening and closing windows and is a safer and easier to use system than using a pole to open your out of reach windows. This type of control is popular in schools and commercial buildings and is far more cost effective than installing an automated solution.

A further benefit of the Teleflex system for window controls is its reliability. A Teleflex system is made up of a manual chain opener on the window itself which is attached via an operating cable, encased in a conduit, to the winding handle. The simplicity of the system provides for a reliable long lasting solution for opening those difficult to reach windows.

Teleflex Installation Specialists

Whether you are a school, commercial organisation or the owner of a private dwelling our experienced team have extensive experience in advising on and installing a Teleflex system. Contact our team for a no obligation consultation and we will put together a quote for you based on your requirements.

Teleflex Maintenance and Servicing

As well as installing Teleflex window controls we offer servicing and maintenance services to assist you in making sure that your Teleflex system operates effectively and to ensure long term reliability for the system.

Our service provides a cost effective way to ensure a long life and consistent reliability from your Teleflex window control system. Contact our UK office to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a no obligation free consultation and quotation.


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Teleflex Window Controls Maintenance

In addition to the supply and installation of a range of manual window control products and natural and smoke ventilation systems, our highly experienced team can also undertake planned maintenance and responsive repairs to ensure the continued security and safety of your premises.

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