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Is your building’s smoke ventilation system up to scratch?

Tuesday, 27 April 2021

When was the last time the remote window openers in your building tested and checked for operation and safety? Regular checking is essential in case they are needed to be opened rapidly in the event of fire and subsequent smoke accumulation.

Awareness is crucial

You may not be aware that the actuators, whether they are manual window controls or electric window controls, require regular testing by qualified installers. Indeed, you may have taken over a position within the company and by definition ‘inherited’ that particular task but not be aware of it.

Anyone in such a position, be they maintenance staff, H&S officer or maybe the receptionist of the company has to keep a record of each and every maintenance and safety check. Indeed, the designated person within the company has to ensure that all window controls have undergone (and will undergo) the correct safety testing procedure.

High standards

If the vents, rooflights and/or windows which the actuators control are elements of a smoke or fumes ventilation system, all the components which are deployed within the system must also have been tested to BS EN12101-10 and must at all times conform to this standard.

Elements and parts of a smoke ventilation system may include but not be limited to gearing, smoke sensors, heat detectors, electric switching, vents and windows. Additionally, as an element of the legislation, all escape routes which include doors and emergency escape windows are elements of the system, therefore all will need regular inspection and maintenance where and when required.

Integrated systems

In integrated systems where window openers are connected to an automatic fire and smoke detection system, the widows and high vents will be opened to expedite the rapid removal of smoke and fumes. This may be by way of forced ventilation or natural ventilation air flow. In accordance with BS EN12101-2 standards all actuators and vents have to be tested together in order to pass the testing process.

Not only do our engineers and skilled craftsmen and women install new systems either as a bespoke installation to an older building, but also systems designed for modern buildings. Additionally, we are able to run thorough testing and maintenance of existing systems, and will set up repeat visits in accordance with current legislation and regulations.

Call our team today or email us for more information, to arrange an onsite visit for a potential new installation or to book a service and maintenance visit.

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