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The Pros and Cons of Window Controls in Your Home

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Manual and automatic window controls are becoming increasingly popular in residential properties across the UK. Conventionally designed for commercial, industrial or public buildings, they offer a practical solution for opening and closing windows, especially those located in hard-to-reach positions.

Although window controls can greatly assist home living, an inept purchase will render the investment useless. You can minimise any potential buying risks by employing a professional window installation company who’ll take care of things on your behalf.

How do Window Controls Work?

Window controls are designed to help building occupants open or close windows with more ease. They work with a device known as an actuator, a type of gear that can be operated automatically or by hand.

There are even automated windows that use sophisticated smart technology and room sensors to operate the windows when required. This could be in the event of fire for example, allowing hot smoke to escape instantly and potentially save lives.

Pros of Window Controls

For domestic properties, there are numerous advantages for installing window controls in the home. They include:

Hard-to-reach windows – Windows located in tricky positions can be difficult or even dangerous to reach. A controller system allows you to operate them at your own leisure.

Disabled or elderly residents – For pensioners or the disabled, the daily routine of opening windows can be an arduous task. With a manual control mechanism, using a rotary handle or opener pole, the process becomes far easier, as with a remote control for electric windows.

Natural ventilation – By employing a natural ventilation specialist to install the window control system, a fresh air flow into the building will be created. This is achieved by utilising thermal buoyancy and wind pressure techniques to recycle stale air particles.

Health benefits – With automatic controls making things easier, windows are more likely to be opened during the day. Occupants will soon feel the health benefits of the increased natural ventilation and constant fresh air.

Cost-efficiency – Despite the initial outlay, window controls in the home will lower energy bills in the long-run. This is especially the case with automated windows that are programmed to close at the right times, thus preserving heat inside the home.

Cons of Window Controls

As with any major change to your property, problems can arise with an ill-advised purchase. Make sure you seek professional guidance to guarantee a successful installation and protect your investment.

One of the main aspects to consider is how the new automated windows will affect your home’s aesthetic, both inside and out. Remember, window controls will need to integrate a gear system for the mechanism to work – how will this affect the style of the property?

With manual or automatic window controls, there’s also the possibility of mechanical faults. If the actuator or gear system jams, you may be stuck with a window that either can’t be shut or open.

With this in mind, look for ventilation companies who offer maintenance packages as part of their window controller installation service.


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