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Tips for clean indoor air

Thursday, 18 October 2018

The air inside your workplace can become polluted extremely easily, which can lead to health problems such as lung diseases and asthma. As well as that, employee productivity can be lowered from symptoms such as headaches, dizziness and irritated eyes. Therefore, to reduce these health risks and to ensure your employees have a comfortable environment to work in, it is important to make sure the indoor air is clean.

The air indoors can be more toxic than you realise. Carbon dioxide particles can build up causing polluted air, which means that it’s important to install high quality ventilation in the workplace. Ventilation can be in the forms of fans, vents and opening windows. Installing ventilation will get the air flowing around the workplace. This means that the polluted air will diffuse and be replaced with fresh air. By opening windows regularly and utilising ventilation humidity will be reduced in the summer months, whilst preventing mould build up. Ventilation is an easy, cheap and effective way to ensure the air is clean in the workplace. Ventilation will also reduce the moisture levels in the air therefore stopping condensation and increasing air regulation.

Another tip for making sure the workplace has clean air is to keep the office area clean and fresh, for example regularly vacuuming and dusting. In terms of hygiene and cleanliness in the workplace another tip is to regular clean the carpets in the office as they are known for dust build up which pollutes the air. Dust is one of the main causes which pollutes the air therefore by getting rid of it the air will be cleaner.

Also, the use of fans in the workplace is a great tip to increase the flow of fresh air whilst keeping the temperature down. Fans are easily accessible and by placing them around the workplace each employee will have access to using one if the room gets hot and stuffy. Air fresheners are also a good idea to have in the workplace, they will eliminate any odours whilst keeping the office smelling fresh. Whilst candles in the workplace can be a safety hazard, air fresheners are a good alternative. Air filtration systems can also be installed, this will be another way to ventilate the office whilst reducing mould and bacteria build up. Finally, another tip is to regularly clean the air con system if one is installed, as this can build up dust and can be a trigger for people with asthma. However, as aircon systems are not as common in the UK opening windows is an alternative during the summer months if is not installed in the office.

Overall, there are many ways to keep the air clean in the office. By having clean air, it will mean employees will have a hygienic and fresh place to work. Overall, this will mean that employees will have a lower risk of having any health problems whilst keeping productivity levels high.


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