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The impact of workplace ventilation on employee productivity

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Ventilation is an important factor and it needs to be considered carefully in the workplace. Ventilation is the process whereby polluted air is replaced by clean air. Ventilation can be produced in many different ways, for example the use of a fan, opening windows and utilising natural or smoke ventilation systems. The idea is to dilute and disperse any pollutants to very low levels of contamination. But why is ventilation so important in the workplace?

If people in the workplace are content and comfortable in their working environment, it will make the employees feel more alert and ready to take on the challenges of the day. This can be done simply by having good ventilation. The main motivator is to have a pleasant place to work, therefore employees will enjoy their job more, and increased satisfaction will lead to increased productivity.

Productivity is very important in the workplace. Not only are goals more likely to be met, but colleagues are likely to be a lot more motivated. By installing ventilation and creating a more pleasant atmosphere, you may find employees will be more inclined to spend extra time in the office, and the time that they are there they will be achieving higher levels of concentration. If the office is humid and stuffy it can cause health problems which will prove to be disruptive to the working environment. For example, the lack of ventilation in the workplace can cause itchy eyes, headaches and tiredness, and an increase in allergy symptoms.

It makes sense that if employees have increased productivity, companies overall operating costs will be less. This is based on the fact that the major operating costs will be staff salaries, and as such any impact to staff due to illness or ability to work effectively, will have a greater impact. Therefore, simply improving the flow and quality of ventilation will not only benefit the employees but will directly impact the company’s profits.

During the summer months, workplaces can become extremely hot; the large number of people working in one space combined with heat being given off by office equipment, can quickly make the working environment very unpleasant. If employees are breathing in polluted air which can contribute negatively to their health, or forced to take extended breaks to cool down, this will directly impact staff productivity and morale.

Research shows that providing a workplace with adequate ventilation can result in increased cognitive function in your employees. Improved cognitive function means that the brain is working more efficiently, therefore the work that is being done will be at a high standard, done efficiently and decision-making will be at a faster rate.

The impact of ventilation is not only seen upon employee health, it also means that goals and targets will be met for the company. For this reason, offices are recommended to have appropriate ventilation systems in place, which should also be regularly serviced and monitored. As an employer, there are some air quality standards that the workplace you provide must adhere to, so ensure that you look into installing ventilation solutions that meet the requirements.

At Pratley & Partners, we supply and install a range of ventilation systems as well as manual and electric window controls, and can help you get your workplace up to code. This small measure will result in higher productivity in the workplace as well as satisfied employees, knowing their health and well-being is being taken seriously. Who knew ventilation had so many advantages?


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